Burn Out

Burn Out – An opportunity for growth.

Burn out is real.

Burnout can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate by gender, race or profession

Do you suspect or are you sure that you are experiencing ‘Burn-Out’?

Often, burnout is a signal that a part of ourselves is longing for a significant change. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not cut out for your job or that you need to quit your role.

I love to help you identify and reconnect with your core values, so you can take a close look at the cause of your burnout and make changes that best align with your values.

By accepting that you need to make space to recover from burnout rather than pushing through it, you can be empowered to live a more full life. You can return to your life tasks with a sense of purpose while feeling energized.


Our body, just like any vehicle, gives warning signals, like the warning lights that come on in a car, and you already know, that ignoring these warnings can be quite damaging. Remember that our impact on others has a ripple effect.

Just like this comparison above, it can damage those around us too if we don’t check in and care for the faults causing the lights to come on, before the vehicle stops running at all…

In a nutshell explanation: something happens, or a sequence of life happenings, mostly external pressures, happen in our growing up into the adult world, and you start to disconnect from your true self, and the path to finding that connection is the key to Heal.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge of self is empowerment!


When burnout leads to depression

The signs are very subtle, at first….

You start to feel the need to prove yourself, and work harder and harder to achieve this.

You start to neglect your own needs more and more, becoming conflicted and blame others or the situations. Here, even what seams small like the pressure of your appearance, weight and wardrobe to look, be and behave a certain way for “success” starts to weigh in.

You change your values and focus more on work and show yourself off and prove yourself. You deny the problems that arise are from work stress because everything seams to be normal and “like everyone else”. As you continue to ignore the warning lights and feel misunderstood, you begin to withdraw from your family and friends and your behavior changes which upsets your loved ones, after this point you are so disconnected from yourself you feel empty and numb and start to self-soothe with substance, and it may be alcohol, drugs (prescription or not) but it can also be food, excessive shopping, excessive working out etc., depression hits as you feel lost and exhausted trying to keep up, and finally you have the full burnout where mentally and physically there is a collapse.

Having gone through this myself, I’m able to more fully see your burnout experience while guiding you through the journey of recovery.

In addition to offering evidence-based hypnotherapy and practical tools to help you recover from burnout, I also help you see how experiencing burnout can benefit you.

When we feel depleted by life’s challenges,

Hypnotherapy can help us create a more fulfilling future.

Don’t put it off!


The main benefits of Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnosis for these cases include:

✅ Increased ability to concentrate

✅ Emotional balance

✅ Increased ability to disengage from obsessive behaviors and habits, including smoking

✅ Embrace the inner child

✅ More positively oriented view of the world

✅ Renewed feelings of self-control

✅ Reduced feelings of depression or anxiety, and recovery from burnout

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Burn Out

Burn Out – An opportunity for growth. Burn out is real. Burnout can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate by gender, race or profession

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